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How exactly to delete Automations from Fl Studio?

If you are a Music Producer or a Beat Maker, who uses Fl Studio, You may facing issues about not being able to delete the automations you have created right?.

So you have created an automation on any parameter on Fl Studio, and now you are trying to delete that automation by right clicking on it, but boom! it still effecting your final export.

Follow these detailed steps to exactly get rid of those unwanted automation.

Step 1:- Find CURRENT PROJECTS in the browser menu and click on that. if you not finding it then click on that above arrow which is directing upwards, which will revert to the frozen position if the menu was collapsed.

Step 2:- Now click on INITIALIZED CONTROLS.

Step 3:- Now you can find all the automation you have created, right-click on the automation which you want to remove.

Leave a comment if it helped you, And Dm your doubts on my IG.

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